Litigation Funding

The company is in the business of assisting litigation in worthwhile cases by part funding litigation. There are many times when a worthy case is not pursued because of the cost. The company arranges funding of selected court cases. Cases can be  a debt recovery proceedings either under contract or company officer liability or other civil proceedings including negligence. The usual criteria are: Demonstrable prospect of recovery. Strength of evidence and witnesses. Any legal advice already obtained. Whether expert evidence is useful. Risk of possible counterclaims. More than $300,000 involved. Ability of applicant to contribute towards costs. Costs of the project including expert witness fees.To that end we form an opinion on the strength of the case. 

 How it works: We arrange a lawyer  to take your case. You instruct the lawyer. You have the ability to settle the case. We arrange the lawyers payment. Our business works on a win some lose some basis. We profit when our expertise increases the percentage of wins.The fees of the successful case subsidise the unsuccessful cases. We allow you to bring a case that you could not otherwise afford or we take the risk of losing from you.  

•Costs you will pay: After the initial application based on information supplied we will decide whether to investigate further. For a detailed consideration of matter $2500.00 on acceptance of application. Consideration includes receiving documentation and 2 hours meeting time to discuss case. Once we estimate the time to be taken you will pay about 20% of  the cost. However we take the risk of paying costs any costs  awarded against you should judgment not be awarded to you. Generally settlement is attempted. If  the case does settle, you will pay the fee agreed prior to settlement. Out of any judgment we take  a pre-agreed  fee in dollar  terms based on expertise required and amount at stake. As a general rule fees of  $60,000 to $100,000  could be expected on a $300,000 claim and higher for larger amounts.  

Risks you face. If we dont believe the matter is suitable for any reason your application fee will not be refunded. Generally we will tell you why the case is not suitable. The eventual legal costs will be higher than if you funded the whole case yourself. This is because we end up paying the legal fees of cases that do not succeed.


Briefly describe case and some details and we will contact you.